Getting an Engineering Degree Online: A Viable Option?

Obtaining your mechanical engineering degree online can be a great option, especially if you’re a working adult. You may want to achieve your dream of earning a certificate or a PHD and you can do so all through the internet. These degrees were originally looked down upon, but are now recognized and highly respected. Employers recognize the training provided through online courses is just as valid as that which was provided in the classroom. The best part is that you can study online at the times that work for you.

There are no fixed time slots and you can keep your job, maintain your social life, whilst obtaining your qualifications. Most online courses are self-paced, meaning you will be able to spread it out however it best suits you. You will be the one who determines how quickly or slowly you graduate.

If you live too far away to attend classes at the college campus, online study might also be the solution you are looking for. There are so many colleges and universities throughout the United States that offer online courses in engineering. There are complete guides on how to apply and go through the enrollment process at the colleges’ websites, along with tuition fees and other details like course/program outlines.

Besides getting an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in engineering, you can also take your masters of science in mechanical engineering (MSME) online, too. Each online university will have its own courses and curriculum, so take your time and go through all the details carefully.

During the duration of the online course, students will usually work with an academic advisor who will help them through various aspects of their tuition (ie. picking the right subjects and programs). The Core programs in mechanical engineering are:safety engineering, automotive, heating/ventilation, polymer materials and processes, thermodynamics, computer graphics (CAD).

A Fun and Rewarding Career

Mechanical engineering is so much more rewarding than you can imagine. The materials promoting the field do nothing to show how exciting and glamorous it actually is. This article will try to bring some light to the fun and rewarding field of mechanical engineering.

Do you know how they built ancient buildings in the ancient world? Using primitive tools and simple machines. The most powerful tool to those engineers was their imagination. Using the environment for inspiration, these primitive engineers were able to map out schematics and build impressive palaces (and the pyramids) which still stand today. Imagine the cityscape of today. Imagine flying. Imagine diving deep into the ocean. Imagine the MRI.

Mechanical Engineering is the process of providing the best materials, products and technologies to push the limits of what the human race can do. The bigger and more “out-of-this-world” our lives get, the more we can thank mechanical engineering. The sorts of things available to us today are but a glimpse of what we will create in the future.

The process works like this: Start with the basic premise of math and science (algebra, chemistry, calculus, physics). Face a problem or imagine a design. Identify the challenges and weakness of that problem or design and apply the principles learned in basic science to solve it.

You can push the boundaries as far as our current technologies will allow. The tools and devices available yesterday determine those that are available today. Those tools determine the boundaries you can push, and in turn you will create tomorrow’s tools. If you feel like contributing to the future of mankind, go ahead and become an engineer. The rigorous training of mechanical engineering is well worth it. When you are done, your ideas will come to life and you will improve the entire human race with your contributions.