Is Engineering the Right Career Path For You?

To land a position in the engineering field, you must study at university. But since you will spend a lot of money and time studying for this field, it’s important to make sure it’s the field you want to pursue before dedicating too much time. This applies in all disciplines, whether you are after an electrical, civil, environmental or mechanical engineering degree. Here are some things to consider before getting into the program of your choice:

How did you do in the prerequisites? The Electrical, Aircraft and Environmental Engineers need to be particularly strong in both Math and Science. All Engineering actually requires you to be good in both of these studies. How did you fair in high school? Was math and science easy for you or did you struggle through? Please forget the engineering if Math and Science eludes you. You will be responsible for building the things our lives and society depends on.

What was your average? Engineering students should generally enter college with very good GPA. Are you an A- or above student? If you’re not, most colleges won’t even accept you. And they don’t care about your sob stories, so don’t try to explain away that B+. Having good grades is a good sign that you’ll succeed at engineering.

Are you a careful, studious person? Engineering is constant learning. There’s no getting out of it. You will be studying and learning constantly. So if you are not studying carefully and constantly, you will fall behind almost immediately. The workloads of engineering students are far beyond whatever you are imagining – unless you know an engineering student already.

Your day will consist of calculus for breakfast, physics for lunch and environmental science studies for your evening snack. You will have to skip dinner because you will be too busy. How are you at setting and accomplishing study goals? How good are you at budgeting your time?

What kind of job do you want? Make sure your years at college are spent taking you toward this goal and not another. If you focused on an engineering niche that is too different from your true dreams, it may become even more difficult to get to it.

Check with the local engineering firms to see if they have shadowing days. These days will allow you to experience an engineering discipline up close to help you decide if you like the profession. It’s essential you do this before enrolling in college. You want to make sure that you can handle the responsibilities, work load and expectations placed on the type of engineer you want to become. Some people are just not cut out for it.