Specifics On Engineer Salaries

You are an inventor if you are a mechanical engineer. The job of a Mechanical engineer is to take technology to new plateaus, creating mechanical solutions for various problems of various complexities. The definition is: researching, designing, developing and manufacturing devices of a mechanical nature. It is one of the most varied fields. You could get into it with an online degree in engineering.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Mechanical Engineering has nearly 250,000 certified professionals in 2008 and is the second largest of engineering specialties. Growth is not expected to be spectacular over the next few years – the United States will need about 11% more by 2018.

This field requires plenty of continuing education because of the constant innovations changing the world. It’s essential that, as a mechanical engineer, you work well with others. You will regularly work on teams. Good communication skills are necessary in addition to strong drafting, computer and math abilities. You could also double major in Computer Science or Civic/Electrical Engineering and apply that knowledge in your career.

If you are willing to put in the time the efforts are totally worth it. The lowest reported mechanical engineering salary was $48,000. It’s easy to get above $100,000 with a few years of seniority. The average person can expect a salary around $80,000 a year with standard benefits, including: retirement and investment accounts, educational assistance, insurance and vacation.

The Federal government has partnered with the NSF to provide what are called “S-STEM Scholarships.” There are also grants and low interest loans available. There is also plenty of financial aid available from private corporations and professional organizations, and these can be applied to both online and regular degrees.

Mechanical engineering is currently in a state of change, though. The centers of this industry – Detroit and Seattle, are not as hot as they once were. They are restructuring due to financial issues stemming from the recession. But don’t despair: opportunities are coming thanks to President Obama’s Green Energy Initiatives. Many new jobs should be created for the Mechanical Engineering field. These signs have initiated a title wave of new enrollments in online courses. Regardless of the ups and downs of the industry, the country cannot afford a shortage of mechanical engineers.

Staying on top of the changing world as a mechanical engineer is essential. Airline and Auto industries are down at the moment – but green technologies and computer manufacturing is growing at an amazing rate. Using the abundance of online colleges can help you stay ahead of the curve in terms of understanding current and upcoming trends.

What counts the most though is that no matter what is happening with the economy, Mechanical Engineering is experiencing an employment shortage. The benefits and pay are great. If you have a leaning towards this type of work you should pursue these opportunities.