Mechanical Engineering Schools: Top 3

In this article, we will cover the 3 most reputable mechanical engineering schools in which to get your degree. Before going into the details however, let’s take a look at what requirements you will need to get into these university programs.

High School Preparation

To be able to enroll as a freshman in the mechanical engineering curriculum, students will be required to have the following prerequisites:

•    2 years of high school level algebra
•    1 year in trigonometry
•    1 year in chemistry
•    1 year in physics

For students who do not already have these pre-requisites, they can obtain them through courses offered at universities throughout the country.

Prerequisites for Admission to the Programs

Whether you are a freshman or a transfer student, you will need to meet the minimum requirements of the department of mechanical engineering at the university of your elected university. Currently, freshmen need to either have an ACT of 26 in mathematics or rank in the top 30% at their high school exams.

The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited 276 mechanical engineering programs throughout the United States to ensure that most universities have the same standards and requirements for course entry.

Within the USA, the top three accredited mechanical engineering schools are:

MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge)

On the U.S. News website, Massachusetts Institute of Technology proudly sits at the #1 position (as of 2011) for the best undergraduate engineering program in the country. MIT is a private research institution that is very well known for offering excellent programs in all science, math and engineering disciplines.

The mechanical engineering department itself is highly regarded and offers 3 undergraduate programs to give students that added flexibility. They are the bachelor’s degree program, SB in Mechanical Engineering,  as well as Mechanical & Ocean Engineering. The third course allows the student to have a wider scope in career choice by combining the core mechanical engineering program with the student’s choice of study in other related fields.

Standford University, CA

Standford is a private university in California and it also has a well-known department of mechanical engineering. The U.S. News website ranks this school with second placing for the country’s best mechanical engineering programs, according to the report released in 2011.

The department itself offers five different courses which allows students to specialize in a particular field of engineering.

The BME program is the combination of both the Bioengineering and Mechanical engineering departments and it aims to train the students and develop their knowledge in biomedical design, medical applications and scientific analysis. This will be ideal for students who want careers in the medical fields.

Other programs include the FPCE (Flow Physics and Computational Engineering Group), Mechanics  and Computation Group, Design as well as Thermosciences group.

University of California: Berkeley

The Berkeley campus, University of California also offers a top-notch 5 year program for undergraduates who are looking for a degree in mechanical engineering. The school has been ranked #3 in the country (by U.S. News) over the years of 2010 – 2011 for the engineering programs the department offers.

This school offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree which is an ABET accredited mechanical engineering program that will give students their foundation in science and engineering principles. There is also a 5 year Mechanical Engineering, BS and MS combined program available for undergrads who want to get their degrees in the shorter time span. Master of Engineering (MEng) and Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering (PhD) programs are also available for those who with to pursue further study.

Other top rated mechanical engineering schools can be found on the U.S. News site. For added flexibility, some of the top 10 universities even offer online programs for out-of-state students who wish to enroll in their courses.